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Samsung’s best smartwatches

Samsung has been making spectacular tech for decades. From TVs to audio, the Korean super brand has been top of the electronics market for years. And Samsung’s standing as a top manufacturer has only increased since the dawn of the smartphone. Emerging as one of the world’s most popular smartphone manufacturers, millions of people all over the world have Samsung tech in their bags and pockets.

But it’s not just smartphones that people are carrying with them every day. Samsung also has an excellent range of wearable tech and smartwatches.

From new smartwatches with the latest tech to fitness trackers geared to helping you workout, Samsung has released a strong range of wearable tech for your wrist.

Let’s take a look at some of Samsung’s best smartwatches.

Samsung Galaxy Watch3


The Samsung Galaxy Watch3 is probably the best all round smartwatch that Samsung offers. It’s got a classic watch design that’s loaded with modern, digital tech. It’s lighter, slimmer and designed to a military-grade so it represents quite an upgrade from the original Samsung Galaxy Watch.

It’s got a bright Super-AMOLED display that’s customisable to 40 different face and app combos. It’s always-on, and has a rotating bezel to add a nice, real-watch feel.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch3 has some really exciting health features too. It can measure your blood oxygen levels, stress levels and the quality of your sleep. And it can alert loved ones if you’ve suffered a fall. It even has an ECG reader.

Fitness fans will love the in-built run coach, and you can of course use it with all your favourite apps, like Spotify, Whatsapp and more.

You can get it in two sizes - 41-millimeter or 45-millimeter, with battery life estimated at around 43 hours of use for the smaller model and 56 hours of use for the bigger watch.

Get the Samsung Galaxy Watch3 for £313.65

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2


If you’d rather a smartwatch that’s more fine-tuned for sports, the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 is a great choice.

The Galaxy Watch Active2 has similar features to the Galaxy Watch3 with everything you expect from a smartwatch. This includes notifications for your email and messaging accounts, contactless pay, music from Spotify and more.

But the Galaxy Watch Active2 has more of a slant on fitness and health. It’s got a sturdy design and includes features such as GPS fitness tracking and workout profiles for all sorts of activities, including cycling, swimming and running. You can also pair it up with other popular fitness apps like Strava. It comes with more health features, such as a stress-level checker, sleep monitor and, if you pair the watch with a Samsung Galaxy smartphone, you can even monitor your blood pressure and heart rate.

The Galaxy Watch Active2 also features a brilliant, always-on, Super-AMOLED display and you can pick it up in 40 millimeters and 44 millimeters sizes. The bigger model even stretches the battery life to up to 60 hours - so that’s even more than the Galaxy Watch3.

Get the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 for £229.00

Samsung Galaxy Fit2


More of a fitness tracker than a smartwatch, the Samsung Galaxy Fit2 is very affordable and lasts a long time battery wise. So if you just want a bit of digital help with your exercising goals, it’s an excellent option.

It’s light on your wrist and has a good set of fitness features, including workout profiles, heart rate monitor, performance tracking, sleep monitor and more.

Since it’s not really a full-on smartwatch, you won’t get the full selection of apps you’d find on the Samsung Galaxy Watch3 but it really does excel on the battery life. It lasts for up to 15 days so it really can be your everyday fitness companion.

Get the Samsung Galaxy Fit2 for £33.76

Samsung Gear Sport


The Samsung Gear Sport is a cross between a fitness tracker and a smartwatch, so it has more features than a regular fitness tracker but is still more focused on sports than a complete smartwatch.

The Gear Sport has a nice design that lands somewhere between the sporty vibe of the Watch Active2 and the real-watch style of the Galaxy Watch3. It’s got a sharp Super-AMOLED display as well as a rotating bezel that you can use to navigate through your apps and widgets. It’s one of the lighter Samsung smartwatches too, so a good choice if you don’t want a bulky watch.

While it doesn’t quite match the advanced features of the Galaxy Watch3 and the Watch Active2, it’s got a full set of sports and fitness features to make it a superb exercise companion. This includes workout profiles that you can set to specific sports, such as gym workouts and cycling.

From GPS and step-tracking to heart-rate monitoring and calorie counting, it can help you stay on top of your daily fitness goals.

It’s water resistant to 50 meters too, so ideal if you’re a big swimmer. You can also use it to check messages, answer calls, control smart home devices, and even buy items with Samsung Pay.

Get the Samsung Gear Sport for £117.90

Samsung Galaxy Watch


The first Samsung Galaxy Watch is still a great smartwatch, and if you don’t really need the latest model you can save a bit of money with this earlier model.

It does everything a good smartwatch needs to do. You can listen to music on Spotify, read and respond to messages on WhatsApp, do your shopping with Samsung Pay and track your running on Strava.

Its rotating bezel means you can cycle through your apps and settings with ease. It also gives it a really stylish real-watch feel.

It’s got all the sports features you need to keep on track with your goals too, from general fitness tracking to specific workout profiles, heart rates, gyro sensor and GPS tracking. It’s water and dust resistant too.

You can grab it in two sizes - 42mm and 46mm, with the larger of the two giving you up to four days of battery life.

Get the Samsung Galaxy Watch for £214.75

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