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Tesco Mobile's Family Perks: 5 things you need to know

Perks include extra minutes, data, Clubcard points and money off your bill.
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If you have more than one pay monthly mobile phone contract on Tesco Mobile in your household, there's some good news for you.

Tesco Mobile has now aunched Family Perks, a scheme that gives you and your family members rewards every month. These include money off your phone bill, Tesco Clubcard points, and more.

Each reward is free to claim, and you can switch which one you take every month.

So how do you take advantage of the offer? Read on, and all will be explained.

Curious about network perks in general? We take a look at what's on offer in our guide.

1 Money off your phone bill

saving money

One of the perks comes in the form of cold, hard cash. £2 off your phone bill every month, to be exact.

That means you or a family member could save £24 a year on your phone use, just by selecting this perk.

2 Tesco Clubcard points

Tesco Clubcard

Tesco also offers Clubcard points to mobile phone customers. That means you can put them towards money off your shopping, or other Clubcard rewards like days out and treats for the family.

Customers can claim up to 200 extra Clubcard points every month. The savings will soon add up.

3 Free Data

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If you're continually web browsing, emailing, and using apps like YouTube, WhatsApp, Skype and Facebook on your phone, maybe you'd like more data as a perk.

Tesco Mobile offers up to 1GB of free data every month to use on any service that requires a connection to the internet.

4 Free Minutes

Using a mobile on the underground

Prefer a good, old fashioned phone call instead? If so, Tesco Mobile has a perk for you too.

You can choose either 500 extra minutes to any UK network or just to Tesco Mobile phones every month.

So check which network your friends and relatives are on, then pick a perk and get chatting.

5 Perks vary depending on your contract

The level of the perks vary depending on how much your contract is worth every month.

If you spend up to £9.99 a month, for example, you can only claim 250MB extra data, or 150 minutes to any UK network, or 50 extra Clubcard points, or 50p off your phone bill every month.

The examples given in the previous points relate to someone spending more than £25 a month. And remember, you need two Tesco Mobile contracts in the same household in order to be eligible.

A family of five spending £25 a month each could save up to £120 a year on their phone bills between them.

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