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Three’s Go Binge free streaming contracts: everything you need to know

Spoiler: you can now stream Netflix, Deezer and SoundCloud without using up any data.
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If you’re not careful, streaming music and video can really eat into your monthly data allowance. But not if you’re on Three.

In a sign that networks are taking note of our changing usage habits and massive appetite for streaming content on the go, Three has launched a scheme dubbed Go Binge that lets you watch and listen on the likes of Netflix and Deezer without using any of your data allowance.

Sounds good, right? Sure it does.

So how does it work? Which streaming services aren’t included? Are there any caveats you should be aware of? Read on and we’ll break it down.

Like the sound of Go Binge? Take a look at Three's plans at our dedicated comparison page.

Which services are included in Go Binge?

Stranger Things Netflix

Three’s new ‘Go Binge’ scheme includes:

  • Netflix
  • TVPlayer
  • SoundCloud
  • Deezer

Of course, you’ll need an active subscription to those services to stream content. But as long as you have, you're good to go.

What about Spotify? Or Amazon Prime Video?

Alas, they're not included. It only covers the services listed above.

So, if all your favourite jams are on Spotify or you’re currently binge-watching Man in the High Castle on Amazon Prime Video, expect to pay for any data you use.

But, if you want to give House of Cards a go or fancy listening to Deezer, you can binge all you like without it costing you any extra.

How do you qualify for Three’s Go Binge streaming scheme?

All new and upgrading customers will get Go Binge added to their plan provided they choose a Three Advanced Plan or a monthly contract of 4GB or more.

Existing customers will need to switch to a Go Binge plan in order to get data charges removed from Netflix, TVPlayer, Deezer and SoundCloud.

How much more expensive are Go Binge plans?

According to Three, it’ll typically cost existing Three customers £3 per month extra for a Go Binge plan.

Will more streaming services be included in future?

Three hasn’t ruled it out, but there’s nothing concrete at the moment. A spokesperson told us: “Go Binge is an open platform and it would be great to include more partners over time.”

So that’s a maybe.

Does Three apply a fair usage policy for streaming content from Deezer et al?

It does not. So you’ll be able to stream music via Deezer and binge-watch Netflix shows to your heart’s content, without any upper limit on usage restrictions.

Can you tether with Go Binge plans?


You can indeed tether with Go Binge. So you can pair your Three phone to your laptop or tablet to stream Netflix on the move, without eating into your data allowance.

Does this really mean I’ll get free streaming on these services?

Sort of. As we mentioned, Go Binge plans cost around £3 extra a month.

Also, it’s worth remembering that it costs to subscribe to these streaming services. So, if you already have a Netflix account, it won’t cost you any extra to watch it using Three’s Go Binge scheme. But if you haven’t, you’ll need to pay for a subscription.

On top of this, additional content accessed through the streaming services, such as adverts, may not be covered and would therefore come out of your data allowance.

Can I still use Go Binge if I run out of my regular data allowance?

Unfortunately not. If you have no data left in your regular allowance, you won’t be able to access the service until your allowance refreshes or you pay for more data.

Can I use Go Binge outside the UK?

Mobile Roaming

You can use Go Binge for no extra cost in any of the destinations covered by Three’s Feel at Home scheme.

But there are a few restrictions imposed by the streaming services.

You can watch Netflix while roaming, but the exact content will depend on the country you’re in and the rights they have to the shows and films. So you might not get the same content as you do at home, but there will certainly enough to keep you entertained on the beach.

The majority of Deezer’s content will work, although there are a few exclusions.

SoundCloud’s free service is available in most destinations, but the premium service is unavailable outside the UK.

And the free version of TVPlayer will work in other countries provided the license is allowed. The Plus service, however, is only available in the UK.

Like the sound of Go Binge? Take a look at Three's plans at our dedicated comparison page.

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