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Wuntu: 5 things you need to know about Three’s rewards app

We look into Three’s new reward scheme.
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Three's Wuntu is a free to download rewards app, which is available to pay monthly, SIM only and pay as you go customers, and combines money-saving offers with easy-to-enter competitions and a smattering of giveaways.

So, what’s Wuntu got going for it? And how does it stack up to similar offerings from its major network rivals? Read on and we’ll tell you five things you need to know.

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1 Money-off promotions


Three has lagged behind its competitors when it comes to giving out treats and cut-price deals to its customers.

EE’s offer of free BT Sport app access and O2’s priority tickets are both genuinely value-adding sweeteners that made Three that much less enticing by comparison.

Wuntu aims to change that, with offers available every week to those on the network who download the app and register for the service.

To give you a flavour of the kind of promotions and giveaways you'll find on Wuntu, on 26th October 2017 we found an offer that let you get your first Gusto recipe box for £9.99 when you subscribe the service.

At the time of writing, you could get £20 off a Gandy's backpack too. As did a money-off Uber offer too, which would come in pretty handy on a night out.

Perhaps handiest for smartphone users, though, was a half-price, 12-month subscription to Deezer (that works out at £4.99 per month, instead of £9.99).

If you're not familiar with Deezer, it's essentially Spotify-alike music streaming service, with a pretty deep library of classic and contemporary artistes.

Which network is best for freebies and giveaways? We take a close look at the perks on offer.

2 Competitions

Comps and giveaways are a big part of Wuntu. In the time we've been using it, we've come across a promo that handed out 5,000 tickets for Vue cinemas, as well as boxes of sugary treats.

There's also been a chance to win 80 flights to Europe, a jaunt to New York or one of 60 sunny beach trips.

What we liked about the competitions facet of Wuntu is that you can enter with a single click and you don't have to leave the app.

What we liked a bit less is that the free stuff tends to run out quickly. But, just like the NHS, when something's free demand will always outstrip supply. So that's surely to be expected.

3 New deals every Thursday

Happy Thursday

Three is serving up new offers to its customers every Thursday. These are all time-limited, so once you express an interest in them, you've got a window of time to take advantage of them.

Experience tells us that the free stuff goes quickly. So even though the updated version of the app has notifications to flag notable offers, it's still worth checking in regularly to give yourself the best chance of getting something gratis.

4 It’ll learn your habits

Pizza delivery

Three has promised that, eventually, Wuntu will learn your habits.

So if you like a cheap pizza, you’ll be plied with budget take out deals. Prefer a cut price offer on web services like Deezer? Then expect more of the same, week after week.

It’s good to see a network taking advantage of the machine learning tech that so many mobile manufacturers are keen to push.

5 Deals on Three SIM only contracts, phones and tablets

Jackson Three

It's a Three app, after all. So it's perhaps not surprising that some of the promos are on their own wares.

According to Three, the deals you'll find on Wuntu won't be available anywhere else. So it's well worth checking if you're in the market for a new handset or are at liberty to switch to a better SIM-only deal.

At the time of writing, Wuntu users could snap up an iPad Pro with nothing to pay upfront and 20GB per month for £41 per month. A comparably priced deal on Three's site would get just 10GB per month and you'd be looking at an upfront charge of £99.

Three also pledges that at some time in future you'll be able to upgrade to a SIM-only deal on Wuntu without leaving the app, visiting Three's site or speaking to an operative.

Download Wuntu here: iPhone, Android

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