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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 Review

Samsung’s Flip series brought back the clamshell flip phone design from the early 2000s, iterating and innovating every step of the way.

Even though it seemed like a big shift in the smartphone industry, its cool roots are firmly rooted in a simpler time.

With the Z Flip 4, we have seen improvements and refinements that could well make this the best folding phone on the market today – and that includes their own Fold 4.

So, let’s talk about everything you need to know about the all-new Galaxy Z Flip 4.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 Design

20221122 175606

The design of the Flip 4 bears the hallmarks of its predecessor, now the epitome of refinement in its fourth iteration.

Firstly, the metallic borders around the phone are thinner, making it look sharper and more elegant. Moreover, the aluminum frame now comes with a glossy hue instead of the matte finish from the last model.

However, the glass on the back itself is a matte finish for the Flip 4.

Apart from these two minor design changes, you can tell that Samsung has got this form factor optimised in every aspect.

The notification-style 1.9” screen on the rear of the device remains, as do the navigation / volume buttons flanking its right side.

The phone also comes with IPX8 water and dust protection, lending the long-sought robustness in addition to the novelty of a folding device to offer the best of both worlds.

The hinge continues to be a wonder, strong and sturdy in enabling the device to rest confidently at almost any angle – definitely a mature and effective evolution of the clamshell design of old.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 Display

20221122 175742

The Z Flip 4 comes with a stellar 6.7-inch display at 1080p resolution. The 22:9 aspect ratio display remains tall and narrow, giving an intimate rather than cramped viewing experience.

Naturally this screen is built from a flexible display more akin to rugged plastic to allow for the ability to fold, but its far more durable and feels far less like a vanity proof of concept that it did in the original Galaxy Flip, now simply effective form and function.

Even though the display might seem a bit novel by boasting such a tall aspect ratio, it still feels futuristic and incredibly fun to use – especially the sturdy hinge slamming shut with the same reassuring heft of a posh car door.

This is a far cry from the fragile feel of earlier models – Samsung sports a confident and luxuriously premium form factor that feels every inch the flagship device in the Flip 4.

Moreover, the phone has a 120Hz refresh rate and pair with color quality that will blow your mind, Samsung continues to swing for the fences with these design-driven devices, as the S-series are the excellent more straight-laced efforts.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 Cameras

The Galaxy Z Flip 4 still uses two cameras instead of four and the could be seen as a drawback for some users.

It houses two cameras, a main and an ultra-wide one. However, there’s no telephoto zoom lens and whilst the compromise is entirely understandable given this ridiculously compact form factor, but it does feel like an area that some may miss those more varied imaging options.

The 12MP main camera and the 12MP ultra-wide get the job done and they are good so far. There’s also a 10MP selfie camera and it is quite good for selfies and even meetings.

However, with the powerful processor built inside, images are processed fastly and the phone captures some amazing photos in general.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 Performance

20221122 180039

The new Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 process is fast and will not lag at all. The interesting thing about the Flip 4 is that there’s no Exynos version of the device which would’ve been a bit more interesting to see. All in all, the Flip 4 is faster than the Flip 3 and the Galaxy 22, however, it still cannot match the power of Apple’s chip.

The Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 is quite nice and it can play all the games that you demand it to play. However, due to the compact form, you might feel the device getting head up and it can cause some discomfort as well. Moreover, Z Flip 4 also comes with 8GB of DDR5 RAM which is quite interesting, along with 128, 256, and 512GB of storage options.

It doesn’t have any microSD card slot though but that is standard in modern phones.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 Software

The phone comes with Android 12 on top of Samsung’s One UI 4.1.1 custom interface. It feels unique with the features that are Z Flip 4 exclusive and it seems like Samsung is just getting better with One UI by giving it a great performance boost and optimization.

The phone is planned to receive 4 years of major software updates along with 5 years of security updates. This is quite a commitment that Samsung has made, for the first time.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 Battery

The Flip 4 comes with a 3,700 mAh cell, larger than the Flip 3’s 3,300 mAh effort. Despite having a smaller battery compared to some other devices, the Flip 4 still delivers an impressive battery life, despite its diminutive stature.

The overall battery performance is nice and remains ahead of the entirety of leading flagships from just last year – testament to the innovation packed in its small stature.

With 5G, the phone is bound to be a draw on battery time so you can expect that as well.

Moving on to the charging speeds, the Z Flip 4 comes with a 25W capability, but the charger is not included in the box.

It also supports wireless charging as well as reverse charging capabilities for when there’s a need to charge another phone, watch, or earbuds.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 Pricing

The pricing starts from £849 and goes all the way up to £1,049 for the 512GB version. The Flip 4 is surely a flagship device and even though the design is futuristic, some people may find the specs to be a tad straight-laced given the price tag, but the sheer fact we have a robust folding flagship device available to consumers is a marvel.

Final Verdict

20221122 175620

The Galaxy Z Flip 4 remains a divisive device, but there’s no disputing its unique position as both incredible technical achievement, and an incredible stylish device for the fashion conscious phone fan.

Even though it is packing a lot of photography clout, the Flip 4 manages to be a feature-rich smartphone across the board which has aesthetics which near fail to raise a smile, bringing the classic clamshell into the 21st Century with an assuredness which other manufacturers still struggle to manage.

Beyond its camera credentials, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 remains a testament that the Korean manufacturer is likely the most future-forward and innovative in the smartphone market right now.

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