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Apple’s cheaper LCD iPhone X: five things we’ve learned so far

Apple’s plans for a third, cheaper iPhone X model to sit alongside two swankier models has long been mooted.

But now details are starting to emerge about what we can expect from the device which many are hoping will bring the iPhone X's home button-free design into the mainstream.

Here we scour the rumours to bring you everything from the mooted price point, as well as which features will be no board and what might be missing too.

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1 Expect a very keen price (by Apple standards)

One of the world's best connected smartphone industry analysts Ming Chi Kuo believes the LCD iPhone X could cost as little as $550.

That would likely work out as somewhere around £500 in the UK, a marked drop on the £999 starting price for the current iPhone X.

With Apple said to be upping the price of its OLED–based phones this year, this new model could well become its bestseller.

2 There'll be TrueDepth camera

iPhone X Christine portrait mode studio lighting

Because the LCD iPhone X will lack a home button, Apple is still believed to be including a TrueDepth camera in order to facilitate Face ID unlocking and other security measures.

That means it will still have the same headline–grabbing functionality as its pricier counterparts.

3 It'll feature the same screen as LG’s G7 ThinQ

LG G7 ThinQ hero size

According to a report in Korea, citing smartphone industry sources, Apple is looking to use an identical screen to that found in the new LG G7 ThinQ.

At 6.1–inches, this display is the same size as that originally touted for the LCD iPhone X by Kuo. This is surely more than a coincidence.

Such a move would stop Apple relying on Samsung to supply screens for its iPhone X range.

4 Not quite LCD tech

The display on the LG G7 ThinQ actually uses MLCD+ rather than LCD tech.

How do they differ? Well, the former adds a fourth white pixel to the mix, while drawing less power from the battery than traditional LCDs.

It’s also brighter, hence LG’s bold claims about the G7’s brashness. Such tech would allow Apple to offer a strikingly similar experience to the OLED–based iPhone X at a fraction of the cost.

5 Apple’s new number one?

apple store china

Back in February, Kuo claimed Apple was intent on ordering 100 million LCD panels for its new iPhone X.

That suggests it believes it will be the mainstream success the original iPhone X was meant to be.

When you consider Apple’s previous moves in offering tweaked versions of its bestsellers, especially the plus versions of its iPhones since 2014, this makes sense.

A ‘mid-range’ iPhone X could well be a runaway success.

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