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iOS 9.3 re-released for older iPhones: 5 things you need to know

What's different this time around?

It’s only a week since Apple officially rolled out iOS 9.3, which brought a suite of new features to iGadgets. At least, it did on paper.

In reality, the update ran into some difficulties almost immediately, with users of older iPhones and iPads complaining it rendered their devices unusable.

In response Apple pulled the update while it made some changes and is back with a new take that seeks to address the problems of the first iteration.

Have you been affected? How do you know if you have? And how do you get the new version? Read on for the five things you need to know about the changes to iOS 9.3.

1 The issue

iOS 9.3

Just hours after release, it quickly became clear that Apple was having problems with iOS 9.3.

Users took to the company’s official discussion forum and fan sites to complain that after downloading the update, they were forced to input their Apple ID, only to be told that the software could not be activated. This meant their iPhones and iPads did not work.

2 The devices affected

iphone 5s

This issue appears to have hitting older iOS devices. Apple pulled iOS 9.3 from the iPhone 5s and older compatible kit including the iPhone 5 and iPhone 4s.

Any iPad older than the original iPad Air also saw the software made unavailable while the Cupertino company worked on a fix.

3 The reissue

Apple has begun rolling out a new version of iOS 9.3 to those with affected devices.

This means that if you tried to get iOS 9.3 before and it wouldn’t work, you can now grab it either via iTunes, or over–the–air through the Settings app.

Follow the on-screen instructions and the new software should work just fine.

4 The other problem

iPad 2

Apple also had to address an issue with iOS 9.3 on the iPad 2.

Models with a SIM card were found to be incompatible with the software, a problem that was reported almost immediately after the update’s initial release.

This has now been fixed, meaning owners of the five–year–old tablet can now access iOS 9.3 without any hassle.

5 The features

Night Shift

If you were unable to download iOS 9.3, but still want to now Apple has issued a fix, here’s why you should.

First off it features some critical security updates which all iPhones should have in order to stave off attackers.

But in terms of the fun stuff, there’s the new Night Shift mode which dials down harmful blue light after dark.

Alongside it, there’s a new look version of the News app which is a big improvement on the original, Apple Watch support for Health wellbeing app and a much cleaner look too.

Take a proper look at the everything iOS 9.3 offers in our snack-size guide.

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