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iPhone 7 dual camera: 5 key details we know so far

iphone 7 dual camera

There’s been plenty of chitchat about Apple boosting the camera in its next–get iPhone.

But until now, details have been scant.

However, Ming Chi Kuo, a renowned analyst known for getting his Apple predictions bang on the money, has divulged details of what we can expect from the updated snapper on the larger iPhone 7 Plus.

And if true, they should be enough to boost Apple in the wake of news that iPhone sales are set to decline.

Here are five key things we know so far.

1 Dual lens action

isight camera iphone

Word is that the camera on the iPhone 7 Plus will come with a dual lens component.

This will replace the current single lens, which protrudes from the back of the iPhone 6S, meaning it doesn’t sit flush on a surface.

More importantly, it will offer much improved imaging smarts, which Apple is likely suggest puts it on a par with DSLR cameras.

A bold claim, but not one that would surprise anyone too much.

2 Greater detail

iphone 6 camera sample

The main benefit of having a dual lens is sharper, more detailed pictures.

That means colours will be snappier and there will be less fuzziness, or noise, when pictures are taken in low light.

The tech Apple will use is said to make the camera more sensitive, so it can pick up extra detail when taking photos in dark rooms or late at night.

An end to awful shots clogging up social media is surely nigh.

3 3D Depth

3d depth

This special tech is likely to be the cornerstone of the iPhone 7 Plus’s camera.

It will offer the chance to map an images pixels, meaning refocusing is much easier than on current smartphone cameras.

The technology appears not to have been developed by Apple, but is likely to be from LinX, an Israeli imaging start up that it bought in April 2015.

LinX’s test shots have been shown to be far better than those from current iPhone models.

4 Resolution boost

isight camera iphone

While it’s not a deal breaker these days, the megapixel count is likely to increase significantly with the inclusion of a dual lens.

That should give Apple a nice, simple 'sales message' to convey when it comes to promoting the iPhone 7 Plus and trying to convince existing users to chop in their old handset for a new one.

5 But Apple has other cameras in the works

Camera phone jargon

As ever, Apple isn’t betting the farm on one device.

Kuo says that Cupertino is also working on a different module, with just a single lens, in case the dual lens tech proves too difficult to produce in large quantities.

It may be that Apple offers the single lens on the iPhone 7, and dual lens on the larger Plus edition.

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