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We name every gadget Apple’s iPhone has made obsolete

iphone first launch

Apple’s decision to discontinue the iconic iPod shuffle and iPod nano is something of a sad day for gadget fans.

But if you're seeking for someone to blame for it, look no further than Apple itself. Or more specifically, its planet-straddling, all-conquering iPhone.

Put simply, the handset formerly known as the 'Jesus phone' has been chewing up and spitting out products that until a few years ago seemed untouchable.

And that goes for kit made in its own factories as well as those of its rivals. Here’s every major gadget that the iPhone has helped see off.

iPod classic/nano/shuffle

ipod classic

Apple’s iPod was undoubtedly the defining gadget of the early 21st century.

Its white headphone cable and game-changing design, not to mention the ability to stash thousands of songs in your pocket, made it a must–have.

That all changed when the first iPhone landed in 2007, with sales of the iPod almost immediately hit as Apple’s smartphone took everything before it.

Why buy a standalone personal media player when your phone had an iPod built in?

The original iPod Classic was discontinued in 2014, but remains a cult classic, available for hundreds on eBay.

And now Apple has stopped selling the iPod nano and iPod Shuffle, first sold in 2005.

Only the iPod touch remains, and that only because its web connectivity means it can be used to stream songs over the likes of Apple Music and Spotify.

Small tablets

android tablets lg

There was a brief moment between 2011 and 2012 when it seemed smaller tablets, something Steve Jobs dismissed as ‘tweeners’, were an absolute must–have.

Now though, sales of these 7–inch slates have plummeted. The reason? Larger smartphones. While Samsung’s love of a phablet (devices with dimensions that meant they were somewhere between a tablet and a phone) meant Android tabs were doomed from early on.

Apple’s decision to launch a larger 5.5–inch iPhone in 2014 and then to beef things up with the ultra high–end iPhone 7 Plus in 2016, meant that its own iPad mini was doomed.

It’s still on sale, but with Apple refocusing on Pro versions of its tablet, it may not be available for long.

Compact cameras

compact camera

There was a time when compact cameras were an essential summer holiday purchase.

Now though, the camera tech found in smartphones, and in particular Apple’s killer iPhone 7 Plus dual lens snapper, means that there’s really no need to invest hundreds in a product you only use once or twice a year.

The iPhone showed the way for easy uploading of images to social media, something many compact cameras struggle to do seamlessly.

Amazingly, research revealed earlier this year showed 98.4% of all cameras sold in 2016 were built into smartphones.

The likes of Canon, Sony and Nikon must rue the day Apple thought of making a smartphone.

The PC

sony vaio laptop

It seems unlikely to think it, but the iPhone has surely helped kill sales of the PC.

Even Apple’s Mac range, which remains relatively stable, has dropped in the years since the arrival of its smartphone.

The iPad may have more tricks, but why buy a fully fledged PC to send email and handle documents when you can do all of that from your pocket?

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