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iPhone X: five reasons delays and stock shortages aren't all bad news

Apple’s long–awaited iPhone X is due out on 3rd November. At least, that’s the official line.

Analysts now reckon that the long–awaited tenth anniversary iPhone won’t actually be available until 2018, with some saying it could even be February or March before the handset is readily available. Not ideal for first adopters.

But perhaps it’s not bad news after all. Here are five reasons to wait until 2018 to snap up an iPhone X.

1 Apple Pay Cash isn't ready

Apple Pay reader

One of iOS 11’s core features, Apple Pay Cash didn’t make it into the first release of the iPhone’s new software.

Apple hasn't said why, with reports pointing towards a release later this year.

Seeing as the ability to pay contacts via Messages is one of iOS 11 and the iPhone X’s major draws, not being able to do so with a new phone that costs £999 seems disappointing in the extreme.

Wait until 2018 to buy an iPhone X and Apple Pay Cash will be present and correct on Apple’s flagship.

2 And nor is iCloud Messages

iCloud logo

The same goes for iCloud Messages. At its WWDC event in June, Apple bigged up the ability to stash messages in iCloud, freeing up space on the iPhone.

But as with Apple Pay Cash, it was missing from iOS 11 when it launched.

These small features are a big deal for early adopters, meaning once again it’s worth leaving it a few months to ensure everything is present and correct when you buy an iPhone X.

3 The inside line

iPhone 8 wet hero image

Many potential iPhone X owners won’t worry about what the critics have to say.

But then again, those spending £999 on a smartphone may want to know more than simply Apple’s PR line.

Holding on until 2018 means you'll get the benefit of a host of reviews detailing all the ins and outs of living with the iPhone X day–to–day. So you'll be able to make the best buying decision possible.

4 You may not have to spend as much

Apple is unlikely to drop the iPhone X’s hefty price tag until late 2018.

But you can bet that come January, the networks will have some competitive deals and sweeteners to entice consumers after the Christmas rush.

That could mean free streaming access or money off monthly bills. When a phone costs this much, any available saving is worth making.

5 Buyers won't have stumped up money only to wait

iPhone X three phones hero image

It’s long been known that Apple is facing major supply issues with the iPhone X.

If it wasn’t, it wouldn’t have put off pre–orders until 23rd October and pegged the device for an early November release.

Reports from sources close to the supply chain have suggested issues with OLED screens and Face ID components are to blame.

So, it’s simple. Try and buy an iPhone X when it comes out and you could be facing a long wait after placing your order.

Hold fire until 2018 and supply should be stronger, meaning there’ll be no nasty wait between making payment and taking delivery of your new smartphone.

Think you'd prefer the iPhone 8, anyway? Take a look at our pick of the best deals.

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