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iPhone X leak: Five things you need to know

iPhone 8 mirrored silver geskin

Apple’s not set to unveil the iPhone X for another 24 hours. But thanks to a leak of the final version of its iOS 11 software, we already know what to expect when Tim Cook takes to the stage.

From facial recognition skills to clever camera modes, here are five things you need to know about the iPhone X leak.

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1) Face ID

Samsung Galaxy S8 facial recognition hero

Face ID is the official name for Apple’s clever new 3D facial scanning tech. Unlike Samsung’s effort on the Galaxy S8, Face ID uses 3D smarts to ensure it cannot be hacked by showing it images of a user’s face.

The technology replaces Touch ID, Apple’s fingerprint scanning function, meaning it will be used to unlock the iPhone X, as well as make payments via Apple Pay.

Developers claim the latter will work by scanning a user’s face, before payments are confirmed by pressing the sleep/wake button on the side of the device.

2) Animioji


Utilising the same face-scanning tech as Face ID, Animoji is set to be Apple’s clever new way of personalising emojis.

That means users will be able to mug for the camera, before their expressions are layered onto classic emojis, including, yes, poo face.

It might seem like a gimmick, but this is guaranteed to be a headline grabber for Apple. And it’ll make its Messages app more fun than rival services, such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

3) Portrait Lighting

iPhone 7 camera

Portrait Mode was the iPhone 7 Plus’s calling card in 2016. And now Apple is going one better, with a new Portrait Lighting mode which allows users to tweak light settings when taking DSLR–style images of other people.

This mode will offer the chance to choose a lighting style, including studio, contouring, mono stage light and natural light. The result is likely to mean social media being flooded with fancy pics of friends of friends.

4) All screen design

iphone 8 render

It’s been mooted all year, but the iOS 11 leak confirms what we had long suspected: the iPhone X will come with an all–new design, ditching the home button for a new, gesture control system.

The design now features a cut-out at the top of the phone for the earpiece, camera and sensors, with the display covering the entire front of the device.

A swipe up on the screen via a new function area will open the iPhone X, with a swipe up again offering a chance to see multi–tasking apps.

5) No 4K video up front

iPhone selfie

It had been suggested by developers that Apple would offer 4K video via its front–facing camera. However, it appears this was somewhat optimistic. The front camera will shoot in 1080p HD, plenty enough for quick clips, while 4K will be limited to the main camera.

That makes sense, considering just how much space ultra HD video takes up on a device. Even with 256GB of space, users shooting 4K will soon find themselves out of room for apps, music and games.

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