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O2’s rollover data offers: 5 things you need to know

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iD Mobile last week became the first UK network to allow customers to roll over their unused data allowance from month to month for free.

It's a boon for customers and could spell real savings if you're with iD.

The good news today is that the bigger network appear to have taken notice and are responding with similar offers.

O2 has just revealed a slew of new offers designed to give customers more data and end the days of ‘use it or lose it’ allowances.

So how does it stack up? Read on and we'll fill you in.

1 It’s a rollover

What is a smartphone

Buying data and failing to use all of it within a set one-month period is a major bugbear for smartphone owners.

In keeping with iD's 'Rollover' offer, O2's scheme lets you roll over unused data into the following month.

Anyone who buys one of its extra data Bolt On packages and doesn’t use the full allowance will be able to use it in the next month of their billing cycle.

Bolt Ons, in case you're unfamiliar with them, are additional extras that let you buy extra usage on top of what your contract provides.

This offer starts today (February 17th 2016).

2 But it’s Bolt Ons only

Mobile phone contracts

O2 has made no mention of rolling over your regular data allowance as part of your contract and has made it very clear that this offer is for Bolt Ons only.

That means this doesn’t fully address those ‘use-it-or-lose-it’ concerns, even if it goes a long way to fixing the issue and puts O2 well ahead of most rivals.

3 Additional data

Internet data allowances

As well as rolling over Bolt On data, O2 is offering customers 50% extra data for free if they upgrade their existing contract or switch to O2.

This starts today (February 17th 2016) and runs until March 21st for SIM only packages and March 30th for Pay and Go customers.

4 Four tariffs and heaps of extra GB included

Network - o2

O2 is offering its additional data deal on four different tariffs.

These occlude its pay monthly 12-month SIM only contracts, 30-day SIM only deals, pay monthly mobile broadband and Big Bundles Pay and Go.

The best deal? For us, it's the offer of 15GB of data for £20 per month. That'd normally be the price of 10GB.

5 How do the deals compare generally?

For us, there are great deals on all four tariffs.

The aforementioned mobile broadband offer is excellent, as is the Pay and Go package which offers 3GB data, 1500 minutes and 4,000 texts for £20.

You’d usually get 2GB for that price. The 30-day SIM only deal we'd pick out is the £20 offer, which includes 3GB data and unlimited calls and texts.

12-month SIM only customers probably get the best deal, though, with £18 scoring them the same data, minutes and calls.

For a full breakdown, head over to O2’s official site.

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