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Apple iPhone X

At a glance

  • 5.8” Super Retina display
  • 12mp dual lens camera
  • 64GB or 256 GB internal storage
  • Available in space grey or silver
12MP camera4K video recording
Face IDFacial recognition
5.8 inches OLED display2436x1125 resolution
Up to 21 hours talk timeFast-charge capable

The highlights

The tenth anniversary iPhone does not disappoint, showing off a new design and a fleet of features, get set for the next generation of iPhone.

iPhone X design and screen

Apple raised the bar with the tenth-anniversary iPhone - the entire front of the phone is taken up by the 5.8-inch Super Retina display and it looks great.

But the real advantage of this change of design is that the iPhone X is able to incorporate a larger screen than earlier iPhones without the phone itself having to be any bigger. So it doesn't feel unwieldy in the hand and fits snugly in your pocket.

The screen itself is excellent. Featuring OLED display technology, it's incredibly bright and crisp, with more true-to-life colours. Team that with the iPhone X screen's large dimensions and you've got a phone that's great for watching video while you're on the move.

Face to face

Instead of Apple's Touch ID fingerprint security, the iPhone X features a security system dubbed Face ID that uses facial recognition technology to scan your unique features. It then remembers them and stores them safely.

That means you just need to look at your phone to unlock it. And you can authorise payments through Apple Pay by looking at the screen, too.

But there's more. Face ID is 'attention-aware'. So it can only be unlocked if your eyes open, meaning there's no way someone can access your phone without you knowing while you're asleep.

And you can use Face ID to bring up notifications and messages, lower the volume on an alarm or ringer and keep the screen lit-up when you're reading.

Creative cameras

The iPhone X dual camera is one of its standout features and teams a 12-megapixel lens with a new telephoto lens.

So what's the advantage of two lenses? Well, chiefly it means you can take photos that have an incredible sense of depth. It creates this effect by bringing your subject into crystal-clear focus, while blurring out background details.

It's especially great for portraits when you use the camera in Portrait Mode. And to make you look your best, the iPhone X also uses artificial intelligence to scan the precise contours of your face and lights you as flatteringly as possible. Both cameras are also equipped with optical image stabilisation. That means your photos and videos won't be blurry even if you've got shaky hands. And it helps you get better results in low conditions too.

Fond of mini movies? The iPhone X records in 4K, which is four times as sharp as standard HD. So your home films get a real sheen of professionalism. But you'll need a 4K TV to watch them on if you want to get the effect.

Snappy selfies

The front camera on the iPhone X has the same Portrait Mode as the main camera. So for the first time, you're able to create artful selfies that bring you into sharp focus in the foreground, while blurring the background.

And if emojis are your thing, you'll love the camera's TrueDepth mode. This analyses more than 50 different facial movements and recreates your expressions in animated emojis. Or Animojis, as Apple has termed them.

So whether you're frowning, grimacing or smiling you'll have a moving emoji to send that mirrors your expression.

Wireless charging

With the iPhone X you no longer need a charging cable to power up your phone. Instead you can place it on a special Apple AirPower charging mat (sold separately). You can place up to three Apple wireless-compatible on the mat and charge them simultaneously.

You can also charge it using wireless charging stations that are often available in airports, hotels and cafes.

How much does the iPhone X cost SIM-free?

The iPhone X doesn’t come cheap, it’ll cost around £799 to buy the phone outright without a contract. But for that price you’ll be getting a truly high-end smartphone.

iPhone X cheap deals

Pay monthly deals for the iPhone X start as low as £17, but you’ll have to splash out a bit for the handset too, and you may not get a great deal of data.

To get the phone itself for free, you’ll be looking at a contract of around £50 a month - with a range of different data deals on offer. Have a look and compare deals in our handy comparison guide above.