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Entry level iPhone on the way?

A mass market, cut-price iPhone could be made available this summer with EDGE connectivity replacing 3G, according to a leading market analyst.

Mark Abramsky, an analyst with RBC Capital Markets, has told Silicon Alley Insider that a cheaper version of the phone is feasible and that it could be on the market as early as June this year.

Mr Abramsky forecasts that the Entry Level iPhone would be priced around £68 and could be carried by a range of networks, rather than being subject to an exclusivity deal.

He expects the iPhone to have 8GB of memory and support Wi-Fi and Bluetooth but said it would not feature GPS. It will feature a camera, but this is likely to be less than two megapixels, he added.

Speculation over Apple’s next move in the handset market follows the recent huge success of its mobile phones over the Christmas period.

According to Morgan Stanley, the company sold some 1.75 million units of the iPhone to US consumers during the fourth quarter of last year alone.

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