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Obama iPhone game banned by Apple

An iPhone application featuring Barack Obama bouncing on a trampoline will not be sold on iTunes, after Apple withheld approval for the game.

The Obama Trampoline game allows players to take control of a range of prominent Republican and Democrat politicians.

Players tilt the handset to make the characters bounce on the trampoline to pop balloons which are hanging from the ceiling.

However, Apple has refused to allow the application to be sold on the grounds that it ridicules the politicians featured.

Patrick Alphonso of the game's developers Swamiware expressed surprise at the decision which he described as bizarre.

He told Wired: "We were really expecting it to be in the store. It's a cartoonish look on them, but it's not out there to ridicule them.”

Politicians featured in the game include Sarah Palin, Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton, who appears not wearing trousers.

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