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iPhone dominates mobile web searches

Apple’s iPhone is dominating the mobile web surfing market, new data has revealed, despite strong challenges from other handsets.

According to a study conducted by Net Applications, 66.6 per cent of mobile web searches during March were conducted on an iPhone.

By way of comparison, the handset in second place was the Microsoft Windows Mobile which pulled in just 6.91 per cent.

Meanwhile, tying for third place were Google’s Android and Symbian, both of which accounted for 6.15 per cent.

However, while the figures do bear out the dominance of the iPhone they are skewed slightly by the fact that some rival handsets have not been available for as long.

The study comes as Microsoft is currently looking to address problems with web browsing using its platform for the updated Windows Mobile 6.5.

This is set to include elements of Internet Explorer 6 as its browser.

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