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  5. Renewed hope for iPhone 3G S upgrades

Renewed hope for iPhone 3G S upgrades

Renewed hope for iPhone 3G S upgrades

iPhone owners on O2’s Priority List could be able to upgrade to the new edition of the handset after all, despite the carrier’s previous announcement that they would need to break their existing contract to do so.

Under the terms of O2’s Priority List service iPhone customers are divided into the three categories, namely Silver, Gold and Platinum.

These are determined by the sum the customer spends with the network each month, with inclusion in the scheme dependent initially on their having opted to receive marketing information from O2.

According to the Times, those in the Platinum category, which applies when at least £80 is spent on O2 every month, will be able to upgrade to the iPhone 3GS six months before their 18-month contract expires.

Meanwhile, customers classed as Gold and Silver will be able to upgrade three months and one month before their contracts expire respectively.

Announced this week, the network carrier’s decision to bar owners of current-gen iPhone models from immediately switching to the newest model prompted outcry from its customer base.

Within minutes of the company’s policy being confirmed an online petition on the micro blogging site Twitter was attracting 200 signatures per hour.

Available to pre-order now through Top 10 Mobile Phones, the iPhone 3G S is home to a 3.2 megapixel camera with video recording, GPS with digital compass and HSDPA support for fast downloads.

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