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iPhone OS 3.1 available now

iPhone OS 3.1 available now

The new version of the iPhone operating system, OS 3.1, is available now and brings a new app recommendation service to the handsets for the first time.

Downloadable from iTunes, the updated operating system’s key innovation is the application of Genius functionality to the App Store.

This means that users are given suggestions for apps they might like based on previous purchases they have made. Previously, Genius was used on iTunes to recommend music to users.

The launch of OS 3.1 coincided with Apple chief executive office Steve Jobs appearance at the Rock and Roll event in San Francisco at which he revealed that sales of iPhones have now exceeded 30 million across the globe.

Demand for the mobiles was driven by the recent appearance of the iPhone 3G S, which offers a faster, more powerful processor than earlier editions, as well as a quicker mobile internet experience.

Other features include voice control and GPS with a digital compass for easy navigation.

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