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New iPhone worm poses security risk

New iPhone worm poses security risk

A new strain of the Rick Astley iPhone virus has been discovered - and this time it’s got serious security implications.

Earlier this week, Australian iPhone owners were hit by a virus that replaced their homescreen background with wallpaper featuring 1980s pop star Rick Astley.

Only those with jailbroken phones were affected by the Ikee hack, with incidence reportedly especially high among those who had not changed their default password.

The worm, although hard to get rid of, was little more than an irritant and posed no security threat.

However, it now appears that it has been turned it into something more nefarious that allows a hacker to gain access to a host of personal information, including emails, calendar appointments and texts.

Online security firm Intego has dubbed the new worm iPhone/Privacy and warned that “unlike the ikee worm...this hacker tool gives no indication that it has invaded an iPhone”.

iPhone owners with jailbroken phones who live outside Australia have yet to report being affected, but are nonetheless advised to change their password without delay.

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