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  5. Consumer poll puts iPhone on top in USA

Consumer poll puts iPhone on top in USA

Consumer poll puts iPhone on top in USA

Research by advertising and marketing analyst firm Nielsen has ranked smartphones by market share in the US and Apple's iPhone has managed to muscle its way to the top of the pile.

This is the first time that the iPhone has been able to supplant BlackBerry smartphones produced by Canadian manufacturer Research in Motion as the most popular mobile.

Based on mobile phones sold between January and October 2009 the BlackBerry 8300 was knocked into second place with 3.7 per cent of the market.

The iPhone has recently been found to have surpassed the popularity of the Windows Mobile platform in a separate piece of research. Whilst 7 million people used WM phones in October, over 9 million people made use of iPhones.

The survey showed that most mobile users in the USA access the online search engine Google above all other sites, with GMail and Yahoo's web mail services trailing behind. YouTube was understandably ranked as the most popular video streaming service for mobile users.

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