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IKEA releases app for iPhone

IKEA releases app for iPhone

IKEA has launched an iPhone application for users who wish to peruse the 2010 catalogue while they are on the move.

The app is little more than a series of high-resolution scans of all of the pages of the new catalogue, containing the furniture and design ideas that IKEA has developed for the coming year.

Users will be able to pinch and zoom into the many pages on offer, so details about specific products and decent images will be available at any time.

The App only works with the iPhone held in landscape mode, although this is not really an issue considering the wide nature of the images it contains.

IKEA has reportedly released the application in order to cut down on the amount of paper it uses, with the hope that iPhone owners will refrain from picking up a physical copy of the new catalogue and instead stick to the mobile version.

If you admire the noble intentions, accept the limited functionality and own an iPhone then the IKEA app can be downloaded for free from the App Store.

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