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iPhone sales massive in Japan

iPhone sales massive in Japan

Although the number of different smartphones on sale in Japan is relatively limited, the Apple iPhone has finally managed to dominate the market in 2009.

Nearly 50 per cent of all smartphones sold this year were iPhones, with the 3G and 3Gs models sharing this total between them. Apple has taken the crown from Windows Mobile devices which were the previous smartphones of choice in Japan.

Despite this victory, the number of smartphone models available in Japan is fewer than in most developed European countries and the US. Along with the iPhone there are a few Windows Mobile smartphones, a solitary Android phone and one BlackBerry being sold in Japan, resulting in a limited choice for consumers.

3G phones manufactured by Japanese companies are still the most popular mobiles in spite of the growing iPhone user base and the craze for app-centric mobiles has yet to take off.

Experts predict that if Japanese manufacturers change their current platforms to more closely adhere to the popular Apple system then 2010 could be a revolutionary year for the mobile market in Japan.

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