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  5. CES 2010: iPhone's screen still outshines competition

CES 2010: iPhone's screen still outshines competition

CES 2010: iPhone's screen still outshines competition

The touchscreen sported by the Apple iPhone has come out on top in a test which set out to discover which smartphone has the best display.

The iPhone saw off competition from the Nexus One and the Motorola Droid in order to take the title during testing conducted by the Moto Development Group. Despite the name, this firm has no relation to Motorola, which might otherwise have resulted in some slightly biased findings.

Moto showcased a new technique that it had developed to allow consumers to assess the performance of a touchscreen mobile phone prior to making a purchase. Criteria include resolution and accuracy of the touch sensitivity.

The software is simple to use and consumers are encouraged to draw a series of diagonal lines across any touchscreen smartphone using their fingers, the quality of the screen being assessed based upon the resultant scribbling.

People who got their hands on the test at this year's Consumer Electronics Show said that only the best touchscreens would allow the users to draw in a straight line while moving their finger at slow speeds.

Poor touchscreens could be identified by their inability to produce a straight line in the same manner, with jagged edges or missed touches common.

The iPhone won the day because its touchscreen could draw the straightest lines with the fewest jagged edges, while the Nexus One came second and the Motorola Droid (which in the UK will be called the Milestone) was in third place.

Although iPhone owners do not really need another reason to brag about the capabilities of their mobiles, this is an interesting talking point when comparing mobile phones.

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