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  5. Original Final Fantasy games to hit iPhone

Original Final Fantasy games to hit iPhone

Original Final Fantasy games to hit iPhone

Recent rumours from Square Enix and the original team behind the Final Fantasy franchise suggested that an iPhone-based project was underway and it has now been confirmed that Final Fantasy I and II will be ported to the iPhone in the not too distant future.

Square Enix used its Facebook group to announce the news, stating that more than 20 years after these classics hit the original Nintendo Entertainment System they will be reappearing in enhanced forms on the iPhone and iPod Touch.

There are several screenshots and some artwork accompanying the post and although few details have been made available, it is clear that the graphics have been given a complete overhaul.

That said, the team have not gone and created something totally outlandish or unfaithful to the original and fans of the series will certainly like the cartoony, colourful graphical style.

It is likely that the Square Enix team will also have updated the control interface and while this could simply have involved allowing touchscreen interactions, tilt controls should not be ruled out either.

The one thing missing from the announcement is the release date, but since the screenshots seem to show a polished product with English text, it is likely that the two titles could emerge very soon indeed. The only thing to wish for now is a double A-side package containing both games.

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