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Top 10 iPhone apps for getting fit

10 You Booze

you booze

According to this app’s tagline, ‘you booze you looze’. The genius of this application is that it shows you in no uncertain terms the cost of drinking - in every sense. Not only does it reveal how those five pints a night becomes a pot belly, it also tells you just how the liquor is pickling your liver and what you’re spending on the demon drink.

According to a survey conducted by the developers, it’s pretty effective too. Among those polled, 67 per cent said they were shocked by how much their habit was costing them and have since vowed to cut their intake.

9 Stop Smoking with Allen Carr

stop smoking

After racking up Dan Brown-dwarfing sales for the book of the same name, Allen Carr’s guide to beating the bifters is now available on the iPhone. Divided into snappily titled sections, such as the Nicotine Trap and the Last Cigarette, Stop Smoking focuses on giving you all the mental ammunition and willpower you’ll need along the way.

Best of all are the great little mini games it uses to make its points. At one stage, you’re asked to concoct a poisonous pot pourri of fag butts and tar. It’s like Cooking Mama crossed with those scary pictures of heart operations and rotten lungs that feature on cigarette packets. Only about eight times more disgusting than that sounds and about a million times more harrowing to look at.

8 One Hundred Push Ups

one hundred

Essentially a training program, One Hundred Push Ups aims to give you everything you need to be able to do 100 press ups in just six weeks. Along the way, you’ll be set realistic targets and be taught techniques to maximise the effectiveness of your work-outs and transform your upper body.

7 Nike+

nike plus

An oldie this one. But a goodie, nonetheless. We love being able to create a running avatar. But it’s the ease with which this evergreen app lets you see how far you’re run and how many calories you’ve burned that leaves the competition eating its dust.

Also helping Nike+ win a place in the affections of pavement pounders is the way that progress updates are relayed through your headphones. It’s akin to having a fat man in a flat cap cycling beside you barking out motivational slogans. And since that worked for Rocky, it’ll probably work for you too.

6 Get Running

get running

Registering for a 5k run to give yourself something to aim for is always a good idea when you’re new to the running game and chill wintry winds are howling at you to stay on the sofa. For what it’s worth, we can heartily recommend the Nike London events which usually add a fun twist to running, such as taking place in the dead of night or getting south Londoners to compete with the north London hordes.

Get Running provides a nine-week, exhaustive training program to get you fit enough to get round the course. It also provides voice prompts for the highly effective fartlek or ‘speed play’ system – that’s the method of alternating between running and walking so that you’re getting the most out of your runs.

5 Distance Meter Pro

Not everyone wants to run their way to fitness along featureless urban terrain. Some of us would rather get in shape by hiking the Great Outdoors. If that sounds like you, then Distance Meter Pro is a must-have bit of software.

In a nutshell, it’s a multipurpose GPS app which is equipped with handy terrain/topography maps that are a boon for devising trails and calculating just how hard you’ll have to work to reach your goal.

4 iMuscle


Everyone’s got a few problem body areas that don’t seem to respond to training the way we’d like. IMuscle features a 3D representation of the human body – like those medical illustrations that frightened you when you were little - that shows you what kind of physical jerks are needed to get results in specific areas. And help you build the body you really want.

3 iPump Pilates


Featuring scarily in-shape celebrity instructor Kristin McGee, iPump Pilates offers specially devised schedules to build strength and flexibility and tone your midsection. The inclusion of three progressive levels and five stretching sections means that there’s a routine that’s apt for you whatever your level of fitness.

2 Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock

sleep cycle

Axbo’s alarm clock monitors the circadian rhythms of your sleep and will only wake you up when you’re in the lightest phase of your nightly cycle. In so doing, it ensures you arise free from the groggyness, fuzzy fog and ill-tempered-ness that has hitherto blighted far too many of our mornings to remember.

1 Calorie Tracker

calorie tracker

Endorsed by cycling dynamo Lance Armstrong, Calorie Tracker is chocful of useful information - such as fat, carbohydrate, and protein content and calorie count - about a dizzying array of foodstuffs. It's the best way of knowing exactly what you’re putting in your body. It’s also free.

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