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Brash blogger attacks iPhone

Brash blogger attacks iPhone

Blogger and self-proclaimed "mobile platform strategist, consultant and trainer" Peter-Paul Koch has stirred up intrigue online by posting a fairly explicit anti-iPhone rant on QuirksBlog, in which he compares Apple's device to the much maligned Internet Explorer 6 (IE6).

The comparison is made because IE6 is nearly a decade old and remains the most common online browser, but is perceived to retain its popularity only because developers are afraid to make software that is compatible with any other platform.

Mr Koch wrote: "The iPhone has become an obsession. If we don't pay attention, we'll have a mobile web that only works on the iPhone. And then we'll have the real mobile web that wasn't made by us and doesn't give a **** about web standards and best practices."

Mr Koch is vexed by the fact that in his view no developers are concerned about the platforms offered by Nokia, BlackBerry and other smartphone producers and which actually outnumber the iPhone when market penetration is considered - and by an overwhelming majority in many cases.

It is clear that Mr Koch is attempting to start a dialogue relating to the power of the iPhone as a platform without factoring in its mythical status in pop culture.

He fears that sidelining far more widespread platforms will leave other firms having to work with technology that is built exclusively for the iPhone.

The argument on display here is complex and there is no straight rebuttal or clear cut solution to many of the issues raised.

However, the power of the iPhone as a marketing tool is undeniable and there are some who suggest that if its popularity allows for the unification of the mobile internet and the software standards that govern it, things could improve for all mobile phone users.

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