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  5. MWC 2010: Opera Mini demonstrated on iPhone

MWC 2010: Opera Mini demonstrated on iPhone

MWC 2010: Opera Mini demonstrated on iPhone

Although it remains a closely guarded secret, the Opera Mini app for the iPhone has made its tentative debut at the Mobile World Conference this week, with a full demonstration given to journalists by an Opera employee.

Opera is keeping its cards close to its chest on this one; no journalist was allowed to take pictures or videos of Opera Mini in action on the iPhone.

Those who were lucky enough to see the Opera Mini app in motion were impressed with what it could do, saying that websites seemed to load almost immediately rather than one component at a time.

According to reports, the Opera Mini app has yet to be submitted to Apple for acceptance or rejection.

Many expect that Apple will reject Opera Mini on principle, as it has shown a willingness to deny entry to apps that duplicate existing in-house functions on the iPhone in the past.

The one ray of hope that could see Opera Mini make it through the selection process is the fact that the app itself does not execute any third-party code.

Web pages are processed remotely by a server before they are sent in a compressed form to the mobile making the request, which could reduce Apple's opposition to the app, in theory.

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