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  5. iPhone boasts more books than games

iPhone boasts more books than games

iPhone boasts more books than games

Although mobile gaming has become one of the biggest selling points for the iPhone, it appears that there are now more books available for Apple's mobile than ever before.

Statistics show that there are over 26,000 books to download and read on the iPhone via iTunes, which easily surpasses the 24,000 games that exist for the platform.

There are several apps for the iPhone which allow the user to read eBooks, with Amazon's Kindle being one of the most popular, along with rivals Stanza and Classics.

Ad firm Mobclix compiled the latest statistics and there are now high hopes that with this back-catalogue on offer, the Apple iPad will be able to take on stand-alone eBook readers including Amazon's own Kindle.

So far the illegal copying of eBooks has been relatively small-scale, largely because the devices that can view them are limited in number.

However, with the iPhone now boasting one of the most comprehensive libraries of literature, there are some who are worried that publishers and mobile manufacturers will not be properly equipped to tackle the pirates.

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