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O2 iPhone SIM only deals launched

O2 iPhone SIM only deals launched

iPhone owners who are looking to jump ship from Orange or Vodafone can now consider O2 thanks to a new SIM-only tariff that caters to the data-intensive needs of smartphone users.

The SIM-only deals start from just £15 monthly and offer goodies such as unlimited mobile internet use and unlimited texts as part of the basic offering.

Admittedly the SIM-only deals will appeal to smartphone owners with devices from a variety of manufacturers and because there is no subsidised mobile to pay for, you can have the packages on a rolling monthly contract with no extended commitment period.

O2's SIM-only deals also give takers access to the firm's Bolt-On extras, which include the Tethering Bolt-On to turn the iPhone into a portable modem for internet access on a PC or laptop.

O2 is re-jigging all of its mobile phone tariffs in an attempt to appeal to users from all levels of the usage spectrum.

The SIM-only packages that are aimed at iPhone owners will compete directly with similar deals launched by Vodafone last month.

However, O2 will have to catch some seriously disgruntled iPhone owners with its packages, as Orange and Vodafone have only been offering the smartphone for the last few months.

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