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Dogs Playing Poker lands on iPhone

Dogs Playing Poker lands on iPhone

Most people will know Dogs Play Poker as a famous painting, much parodied in pop culture, but now the iPhone has its own game of the same name that takes the concept literally.

See Dogs Playing Poker in action below

Dogs Playing Poker is a poker-based gambling game in which players get to choose their favourite mutt and then take on other friendly pooches at a good, old-fashioned game of cards.

The developer somewhat self-deprecatingly bills it as the most highly anticipated game of the year and it is clearly not without wit or charm.

As well as a selection of dogs, gamers can also pick what appears to be a fox or a walrus for some completely bizarre anthropomorphic gaming fun.

Dogs Playing Poker looks as though it could be an ideal game for casual fans, but is still a pretty comprehensive poker sim, complete with betting chips and a selection of game types.

The release date of Dogs Playing Poker is yet to be confirmed, but it is currently listed as 'coming soon' by its creator, so expect to see it on the App Store in the near future.

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