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iPhone 4G surfaces in bar

iPhone 4G surfaces in bar

The much-hyped iPhone 4G has turned up in a bar, after an Apple employee inadvertently left it behind.

A pre-release version of the sequel to the iPhone 3G S, which, for some time, has been labelled the 4G by much of the media, has since been thoroughly scrutinised by tech site Gizmodo.

The physical changes from the handset's earlier incarnation are significant, with the curves of the previous generation iPhones ditched in favour of a flatter, slimmer design that blends glass or ceramic material on the back and front with a brushed aluminium trim around the edges.

A front-facing camera for video calling makes an appearance and the rear camera has been given an upgrade and even has a flash.

Two microphones are integrated, with one at the top and bottom to help with noise cancellation during speakerphone conversations, whilst a SIM card slot is located on the side, with microSIM compatibility.

The screen is a higher resolution model than previously seen, although its actual capabilities could not be unearthed in the tests.

It is said that the screen itself is a touch smaller that that of the 3G S, which seemingly puts paid to rumours about a 4-inch screen.

The 4G is three grams heavier than the 3G S and there is a much larger battery which is 16 per cent bigger than its predecessor. As a result of the bigger battery, Apple has had to miniaturise the other components in order to make room for it.

Obviously there is bound to be initial scepticism as to the veracity of this new discovery and the story behind its arrival is definitely suspect.

However, there is considerable evidence to suggest that this is indeed a prototype of the next iPhone, including the fact that sources within Apple are apparently searching for a pre-launch phone which recently went missing.

Gizmodo reports that the person who found the iPhone told them that the phone was using version 4.0 of the iPhone operating system (OS), although remote deletion of this by Apple has left the mobile essentially inoperable.

Apple has thus far kept quiet about this breaking news, but since the launch of the next iPhone is close, all eyes will be looking to California.

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