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  5. iPhone app designs nuclear reactors

iPhone app designs nuclear reactors

iPhone app designs nuclear reactors

Researchers at the University of Utah in the US have come up with a novel use for an iPhone app which they will be using to generate models to aid in the creation of nuclear reactors.

The ImageVis3D is free to download and use and has been harnessed by academics to simulate full 3D versions of the types of reactors that could be used in nuclear facilities, the Register repor

Described as a "phenomenal teaching tool" by researcher Tatjana Jevremovi, the app is able to "look at existing nuclear power plants and predict the performance if we want to increase the power or prolong their life".

The team of students and scientists apparently "designed an interface so ImageVis3D Mobile can be used to display the results of reactor simulation software ... on an iPhone, iPod, iPad and other computers," according to an official statement from the university.

The ImageVis3D app is not able to create the types of models achieved by the researchers in its basic form, as they applied the Arbitrary Geometry Neutron Transport (AGENT) software to the standard app and sadly this is not available on the commercial market.

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