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US comedian chided by Apple

US comedian chided by Apple

American talk show host and comedienne Ellen DeGeneres has made an on-air apology to Apple after the firm allegedly contacted her about a phony iPhone ad that she aired.

Apple has recently been mocked by several social commentators in the US, with The Daily Show's Jon Stewart hitting out at it after the home of Gizmodo's editor was raided by police, seemingly as a reprisal for the publication of details concerning the iPhone 4G on the tech site.

In a mocking ad shown during Ms DeGeneres' program, it was allegedly implied that the iPhone was difficult to use. After Apple got in touch, the host said that she loved Apple products and did not intend for the ad to suggest otherwise.

To the neutral observer, it might seem that Apple is continually proving itself to be less than open to satirical jibes made at its expense. Some believe that it risks alienating its core audience if it continues to lash out against any perceived threats or hints of negativity from media outlets.

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