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  5. Apple iPhone 4 iOS 4 leaked online

Apple iPhone 4 iOS 4 leaked online

Apple iPhone 4 iOS 4 leaked online

iPhone fans keen to get their hands on the forthcoming iteration of Apple's smartphone software have been thrown a lifeline, with the news that it is available to test out now.

After Apple released a build of the iOS 4 platform to developers in near-complete form, it was quickly and somewhat predictably leaked for anyone to download and use online.

Anyone with an iPhone 3G S can to install the iOS 4 platform, provided they do not mind jailbreaking their phone to do so.

Instructions given in detail via various tech blogs, although potential hackers will also need to own a Mac computer, as the tricks they detail are not compatible with Windows-based PCs.

It's also worth remembering that people who attempt the process will have to copy all the contacts and data from their iPhone - or be left with an empty hard drive.

A number of bloggers are reporting that they have successfully completed the install. But given Apple's distaste for any third party tinkering, it could start disabling any hacked iOS 4-sporting iPhone 3G S smartphones in the near future, so extreme caution is advised.

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