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  5. Apple's smartphone US market share falls

Apple's smartphone US market share falls

Apple's smartphone US market share falls

Apple's smartphone market share is being squeezed in America, with rivals HTC and Research in Motion (RIM) gaining ground on the iPhone manufacturer.

14 per cent of Apple's market share was lost during May, with mobile users running the iPhone operating system (OS) falling to 48 per cent, according to data from analyst firm Millennial Media.

The same report registered a 70 per cent share for Apple devices back in March, suggesting that there has been a shift in the market.

RIM took 19 per cent of the market, up three per cent and Google's Android platform, which is most common on HTC smartphones, accounted for 15 per cent, an increase of a third over its previous share.

It is believed that the rapid expansion in the size of the smartphone market can be seen as a key influence in these latest figures, so there is not a huge cause for concern over at Apple.

The Android platform is becoming a popular choice for games developers to produce and market their products and Millennial Media believes that this is one of the main reasons behind its continued growth.

It says that 90 per cent of development firms are working on Android alone, with only a few choosing to focus solely on any other platform.

Of the total number of developers in action, 56 per cent are creating content for the iPhone, whilst 29 per cent are Android developers.

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