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iPhone Apple Store App launches

iPhone Apple Store App launches

The Apple Store App has been released without fanfare onto the iPhone, by way of the App Store, allowing users to browse and make purchases on their mobiles without firing up the browser.

Users will be able to check out all content using the app, which means that as well as buying goods they can access customer reviews and examine all services offered by the tech giant.

Many iPhone enthusiasts in the US will be pleased to hear that an iPhone 4 pre-ordering function has been integrated into the Apple Store app, provided they are signed up with the AT&T network.

If users are looking for a high street store operated by Apple then the Apple Store app will direct them to one, as well as allow them to book an appointment.

The app will apparently also remind people if they have an upcoming appointment and could even keep them up-to-date with the progress of repairs.

iPhone owners can download the Apple Store from the App Store free of charge.

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