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iPhone sales 'to hit 40 million'

iPhone sales 'to hit 40 million'

Up to 40 million iPhones could be sold by Apple in 2010, according to a report authored by mobile industry analyst Brian Marshall.

In 2009 Apple made 60 per cent of its iPhone sales overseas, where traditionally the smartphone market is dominated by the likes of Symbian. However, in 2010 roughly 80 per cent of sales will be made abroad, indicating that it is beginning to have a greater impact outside of its native US.

In the total global mobile market, Apple is still a small player, with 1.3 per cent market share, whilst in the US it has a more respectable 4.1 per cent, which is accounted for by the fact that its boutique, expensive iPhones are solely addressing the needs of the premium end of the mobile phone market.

There is a chance for Apple to expand the international reach of its business, according to Mr Marshall and it needs to act now in order to take advantage of this. After selling 40 million in 2010, Mr Marshall says that Apple may deliver 50 million iPhones in 2011.

Apple is nearly half way to making Mr Marshall's 2010 sales predictions, with 17.5 million iPhone units shipped this year.

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