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Updated Skype planned for iPhone

Updated Skype planned for iPhone

The next version of VoIP service Skype for the iPhone will allow users to make calls over the smartphone's 3G network connection for the first time.

Calls between Skype customers using the service will be free for a limited time, but reports suggest that from August there will be a fee to pay.

Various other improvements will come along with the Skype app, including improved audio quality and a much smoother, faster calling experience.

The plans to charge for calls on Skype appear to be definite, but reports suggest that there is still some debate within the firm as to just how much such calls should cost.

Anyone who owns an iPhone 3G or 3G S will be able to download and use the Skype 2.0 app when it is launched. iPod Touch users will also be able to make calls, although will need a Wi-Fi network nearby, together with a special set of headphones.

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