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Database app headed to iPhone

Database app headed to iPhone

Both the Apple iPhone and iPad will be getting a database app from developer FileMaker, sensibly titled FileMaker Go.

This portable edition of the popular FileMaker Pro platform will allow users to gain remote access to their databases when they are out and about via their smartphones.

FileMaker Go relies heavily on its desktop element to perform most of the more taxing tasks and, as such, it offers a wide range of features without being constrained by the iPhone's hardware limitations.

The app can show full databases without having to alter the layout for the mobile screen and it is compatible with any database created with FileMaker Pro 7 or any of its more recent variants.

Both PC and Mac platforms are supported by the software and as long as you have either a Wi-Fi or 3G connection on your iPhone you will be able to gain access to your databases.

Transferring files over to your smartphone is possible via email or iTunes and it is compatible with the latest iOS 4 platform for full iPhone 4 support.

Ryan Rosenberg of FileMaker stated: "You can have a large database, but it doesn't matter because you can search and sort and find what you're looking for when you're out on the road or around the building."

FileMaker Go is available at around £13 for the iPhone, although is inexplicably twice the price on the iPad.

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