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Gmail app gets pushy on iPhone

Gmail app gets pushy on iPhone

iPhone owners who have an account with Google's GMail service can now have new messages pushed to their device from within the dedicated application.

GMail could previously provide push email to iPhone owners using the standard email app, but it would only work if you associated it as if it was a Microsoft Exchange service.

The standalone GMail app can only be used with a single email account, which has vexed some users because many keep personal and business email accounts separate to avoid confusion.

However, now that the app can receive pushed notifications, users could theoretically associate the iPhone's native mail app to one account and the GMail app to the other to circumvent this issue.

In addition to pushing emails, the GMail app will remind iPhone users of any events that they have stored in their Calendars. Other new features include an improved search function for specific messages.

The updated GMail app for iPhone is now available to download free of charge from the App Store.

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