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Apple working on improved iPhone 4

Apple working on improved iPhone 4

Apple may be close to releasing a new iPhone 4 to address lingering antenna issues, according to an executive from a Mexican carrier.

Marco Quatorze, the Director of Value Added Services of Mexican network provider Telcel, revealed this information to CanalMX while announcing the launch of Apple’s handset on the network.

He stated that although the initial units would exhibit the same antenna problems suffered by those currently in circulation around the world, Apple has promised an update to the situation after the end of September.

According to translation provided by MacRumors, Mr Quatorze said that after September 30th, the date when Apple’s free bumpers program is meant to expire, it would start supplying the network with an improved version of its handsets that “do not have the reception malfunction" as the current batch of units.

It is unusual for a network executive to have such advance knowledge of Apple’s plans and to announce this information in this manner as it could deter early adopters to purchase the current stock of iPhone 4 units being offered by the network.

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