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iPhone sales 'to hit 12m for Q3'

iPhone sales 'to hit 12m for Q3'

Apple is set to announce sales of 12 million iPhones for the last quarter, analysts forecast, as consumers shrugged off concerns over antenna problems with the latest iteration of the handset and headed to Apple stores in their droves.

According to research specialists Gartner, the surge in demand prompted by the release of the iPhone 4, coupled with sales of 4.5 million for the iPad in the period to September, will have helped Apple to annual post profits of £8.4 billion.

The rise in take up for both devices is also expected to have helped Apple become the world’s largest company by market capitalisation on Standard & Poor’s 500, surpassing energy giant Exxon to get there.

Commenting on Apple’s ability to deft the downturn in consumer spending, Maynard Um, an analyst at UBS, said: "Despite tough economic conditions, consumers remain willing to pay for innovation."

Since launching back in June, the iPhone 4 has come in for a storm of criticism from tech writers and the public alike after the design of its antenna caused users to drop calls.

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