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iPhone iOS 4.2 delayed?

iPhone iOS 4.2 delayed?

The late discovery of a WiFi bug means that Apple will not push out the latest operating system upgrade to iPhones today, it has been claimed.

According to Greek fansite iPhoneHellas, whose post was translated by MacStories, the glitch means that the update now looks set to arrive next week on November 16th.

Adding credence to the story is the fact that a number of iFans running a GM edition of iOS 4.12 on their iPads have been experiencing WiFi connection problems - something born out by discussions on forums.

Apparently, the tablets connect initially via local WiFi, but go offline in a matter of minutes after the connection inexplicably drops out.

Improvements the latest iteration is due to bring to iPhones include the addition of the PrintCenter app that offers remote printing for iPhone 4 and 3G S users.

Also new in the update is wireless streaming of video, audio and photos to other devices from iPhones over wireless broadband connections.

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