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iPhone Garmin app debuts

iPhone Garmin app debuts

Garmin has released a GPS, route-finding app for iPhones, offering Apple phone owners turn-by-turn directions to unfamiliar locales around the world.

The Garmin StreetPilot app packs features broadly in line with the company’s range of satellite navigation devices. So along with an omniscient voice guiding you along your route, you get traffic updates in real time and notifications of local speed limits.

And to add a touch of flavour to your journey, StreetPilot also provides info on points of interest en route and offers multi-tasking while calling when used on iDevices running iOS 4 or above, so you can take calls - provided you've got a hands-free, natch.

Alas, the app is solely available in the US right now, so only has maps for mother country and Canada.

Stateside, it’ll be set you back about $39.99, so expect a price tag around £23.99 when it drops on this side of the Pond.

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