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  5. Apple designer Jonathan Ive to lose job over move to UK?

Apple designer Jonathan Ive to lose job over move to UK?

Apple designer Jonathan Ive to lose job over move to UK?

With CEO Steve Jobs already on an indefinite medical leave amid health concerns, Apple may have yet another crisis brewing inside its Cupertino walls as rumours of design chief Jonathan Ive wanting to move back to the UK have surfaced.

The Sunday Times is reporting that Jonathan, aka ‘Jonny’ Ives, who is the creative brains behind the iconic design of Apple’s most successful products of the last 13 years, including the iPod and the iPhone, is thinking of returning to his homeland to spend more time with his family and ensure his sons get a good old-fashioned British education.

However, apparently the mooted move isn't going down to well with Apple’s board of directors who have reportedly told Ive that he may stand to lose his job if he doesn’t change his mind.

According to close family sources, "they have told him in no uncertain terms that if he headed back to England he would not be able to sustain his position with them".

It seems rather harsh that Ive has to choose between his family and his ‘other’ family. We are a bit perplexed why he can’t spend time with both from the UK. It is not like he is moving to Iran or Libya. But Apple being Apple probably wants as much control over its employees as it does over its products, even the employee responsible for designing those products.

Still, should he be forced to leave Cupertino for good, he will at least be able to cash-in on his 'golden handcuffs' stock option given to him three years ago, worth an estimated £18 million.

Could Apple survive without Ive or go tumbling downhill? Let us know in the comments section below.

Source: Sunday Times via The Guardian

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