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iPhone Nano ruled out by Apple insider

iPhone Nano ruled out by Apple insider

Speculation that Apple is bringing a slimmed-down, Nano version of the iPhone to market is wide of the mark, reports suggest.

Last week, financial news bods Bloomberg reported that a compact and bijou edition of Apple’s best-selling blower priced just £125 is on the way, as Cupertino looks to challenge Android in the lower end of the market.

It was claimed that the cut-price handset has been made a viable proposition by the falling price of components and that said device would purportedly recycle parts used in the iPhone 4.

However, according to an unnamed insider cited in a subsequent report from the New York Times, although Apple is exploring ways of bringing its phones to the mass market with cheaper versions, a smaller take on the iPhone is not currently in development.

The source told the NYT that Apple is currently focused the full sized iPhone 5 and “would not make a smaller iPhone at this time”.

This is principally because a reduced version of the handset is stymied by the fact that “would not necessarily be much cheaper to manufacture” and because it would be “more difficult to operate".

News of developments comes amid a welter of juicy but similarly unsubstantiated rumours about the future direction of iPhones. Among the least plausible is an iteration packing a QWERTY keyboard – something that we’re sure Jonathan Ive would never allow to sully his phone.


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