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  5. iPhone 4 falls 1,000 ft and survives

iPhone 4 falls 1,000 ft and survives

iPhone 4 falls 1,000 ft and survives

An iPhone 4 has survived a 1,000 ft drop from a plane, flying in the face of reports that its Gorilla Glass construction isn’t as robust as Apple had us believe.

According to iLounge, Ron Walker of the US Air Force accidently jettisoned his smartie while helping parachute jumpers on their way out of a plane speeding along at 150mph.

Most of us might’ve given it up for dead. But not Our Ron, who located his smartie an hour later via the Find my iPhone app. And he didn’t even have far to go: the handset was retrieved two miles from the ahem ‘drop’ zone in perfect working order.

More credulity-stretching still, given the welter of reports of iPhone 4’s acting as scratch-magnets, is that apparently it had nary a mark on it. Here's the evidence:

iphone 4 plane

According to the parachutist, the impact was mostly absorbed by the Griffin Motif carrier plus a metal encasing he’d swaddled his phone in.

The outcome? Everyone’s happy. Ron has his phone. We’ve got a nice human interest story to run. And the market value of Griffin soars. WIN all round.



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