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  5. Android users vote unanimously: ‘we hate Apple’

Android users vote unanimously: ‘we hate Apple’

Android users vote unanimously: ‘we hate Apple’

Smartfans are becoming intensely divided in their loyalty over their chosen platform, as Fandroids unite to voice their collective dislike for Apple’s iPhone more vociferously than ever.

That’s according to the latest Business Insider survey, at least, which found that more than half of Android users would never consider buying an iPhone purely for the reason they ‘hate Apple’.

When asked what might entice them to switch allegiance to Apple’s side, 55 per cent of the surveyed voted “Nothing: I hate Apple”, while 31.2 per cent are put off by the walled garden nature of the iPhone and would only consider a move if Apple makes it work better with non-Apple apps and products.

The poll received more than 2,000 responses, of which the majority already own smartphones and are not of a mind to change platforms when they are due for an upgrade.

While that may not necessarily suggest a sea change in the market, it does hint that Apple would have a harder time to win over a growing populace of Android users that is as uncompromising as its own fan base.

Despite the outcome of the survey, it’s highly unlikely that Cupertino would change its stance when it comes to ‘openness’ of iOS. Not as long as its iDevices continue flying off the shelf anyway.

That said, Google is catching up fast and recent sales figures have already revealed that Android was the most popular platform in the US, UK, France and Germany in the first quarter.

It has still some way to go before it surpasses iOS in global market share, but many analysts have already forecast it could become the market leader by the end of 2015.


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