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iPhones & iPads tracking user locations

iPhones & iPads tracking user locations

iPhones and iPads have been harvesting and tracking users’ locations, it has been revealed, raising security concerns among the massive base of iDevice owners.

According to reports, Apple kit running iOS 4 or above contains a hitherto undiscovered file that tracks the movements of owners, which was discovered by two Brit boffins-cum-security researchers.

The gen is compiled using mobile phone masts and Wi-Fi networks and is stored on the hard drive of consumers’ computers when they sync their gadgets.

The security issue stems from the fact that this info could be seen by a third-party who has access to said computer. Potentially, it could also fall into the hands of thieves when users’ devices are purloined by sticky-fingered imps.

A page set up by the researchers states: "By passively logging your location without your permission, Apple have made it possible for anyone from a jealous spouse to a private investigator to get a detailed picture of your movements."

Apple has yet to issue an explanation for harvesting the data. However, caveats in the iTunes user agreement appear to cover the company for collating the info as it pleases.

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