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  5. iPhone 4 crowned most popular camera on Flickr

iPhone 4 crowned most popular camera on Flickr

iPhone 4 crowned most popular camera on Flickr

Hard as it may be to believe, Apple’s iPhone 4 is now the most used camera of any type in the Flickr community.

The omnipresent iKit has come from behind to become what one might reasonably dub the reigning champion of the photography world, with the most images snapped and uploaded on the popular photo-sharing site coming from its sensor.

The five-megapixel cameraphone phenomenon, which boasts none of the bells and whistles packed by expensive DSLRs, has toppled the seemingly unstoppable Nikon D90, and is ahead of Canon’s best sellers, the EOS 5D Mark II, Rebel XSi and Rebel T1i in that order.

iPhone 4 most popular camera on Flickr

Although Flickr doesn’t reveal the exact number of images uploaded from each device, we can safely assume it's in the millions.

Much of Apple's phone's success with snap happy types can be attributed to the fact the iPhone 4 is a significantly more compact device than a DSLR and has the ability to edit and upload images taken on the spot thanks to internet capabilities.

The King of cameraphones

To seal the top spot, the iPhone also handily beat out all other cameraphones in the market, with only the HTC Evo 4G managing to edge out the iPod touch to claim fourth place amongst the top five.

iPhone 4 most popular cameraphone on Flickr

Even though the craze for masses of megapixels in mobile cameras has abated significantly over the last few years, the emergence of mobile internet and various web 2.0 services, as well as snazzy applications, have driven monumental growth in the popularity of cameraphones. This has even buoyed sales of those lowly resolutions.

The potential number of images uploaded from the iPhone, or any smartphone for that matter could be colossal if images uploaded on Twitter and other photo-sharing sites, such as Instagram and Facebook are taken into account.



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